Hero Longboards is more than a skateboard company. It’s a belief that anything worth creating, is worth creating well.

We are minimalists - and so, the things that we do own are intuitively designed and methodically crafted.  We find pleasure in creativity and effectiveness wherever we can find it.  And that love is actually where Hero began.  We wanted a cruiser that was simple, quality and methodically designed.  Something we were proud to ride and that impressed our friends.  We couldn't find anything like this and so we began a 4 year creative journey, to build the Hero.  

craftsmanship | hand finished in california

design | functionality and aesthetics built into the deck shape

individualist | the unique compound design of deck & spine fuse lightness & strength

feel | the fiberglass deck allows flex not only vertically but horizontally and diagonally as well

Check out the video for a full overview of the Hero Longboard.