Hero makes the raddest cruiser in the known universe (probably the undiscovered parts as well).  That means when you buy a Hero, you are buying more than a longboard.  You are buying a guarantee of quality, performance and design.  If you have any issue at all with your Hero, contact us and we will do our best to make sure you and your Hero are taken car of.  

  • We warranty the entire Hero against design flaws for the lifetime of your board under normal use
  • If a component breaks or wears out under abnormal use (eg: you try to surf on your Hero, forgetting that salt water and bearings don't like each other), we will replace the component at wholesale cost.


Disclaimer: Although the Hero is nearly indestructible, bullet holes, tank treads and gun powder remnants are signs of abnormal use. So unless you have some epic footage, this does not fall within the scope of our warranty.