Thanks for asking. Here's a few things that set the Hero apart:


The Hero's deck is made of FRP Fiberglass - the same material that's used to make skyscrapers. This makes it incredibly strong and lightweight.

CARVE smooth like butter

Another sick thing about FRP is that is that is allows the rider to feel flex not only horizontally and vertically, but diagonally. This makes carving on the Hero feel like Bill Evans tickling the ivories of a piano.

Flexibility + Strength

The Hero has a super secret hidden spine that runs the length of the trucks. This allows the Hero to have an incredibly thin deck while still being rigid. But remember it's super secret, so don't tell anyone. 

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Our trucks that we are using on the Hero are 180mm wide reverse kingpin. We also made some custom urithane bushing so they pop out of turn more quickly than standard bushings.


Our bearings are automotive-grade bearings. In testing durability, coasting, resistance to grit, and carving, these puppies out performed all other bearings we tested by 20%. Since we're all about those things, we said "Hey! Let's use these!"

Made with Lots o' love

We hand-make our boards in Sunny Southern California just for you, in a process that involves a lot of sanding and shaping, hand laying the grip tape, inspecting, and bruised fingers.

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